Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here we are, well into 2011 and a very good thing it is. Sad to say, 2010 wasn't my favorite year. We had much angst over Jack's lack of attention to creating the plans for our house. Couple that with the packing up and dispersal of our worldly goods and we have a recipe for turmoil. The frosting on the cake was 'himself' being scheduled for hip replacement surgery on the 29th of June, the very same day that we had to be out of the old farm, leaving it broom clean. Somehow I managed to pull it all off. Phew! I spent the several days that 'himself' was at New England Baptist sick-a-bed with bronchitis finally ending up with a prescription for some mega antibiotics. Cured!

This trailer being a mere 12 X 60 meant that we'd be forgoing Christmas this year and instead elected to take the kids out for Chinese/Japanese at 5:00 on the 25th. GENIUS!!! All nine of us had heaps of fun and nobody had to cook or wash up!!

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours going over the paint colors that I had chosen for the interior. I made a few minor changes and then wrote up specification sheet organized by room.

The house is chugging right along. Gary is finished with sheetrock on the main and second floor and is now working in the basement. Eric the painter was here today and primed the back bedroom. I gave him the paint specifications for the first & second floor and I understand that he has ordered the paint and it will be delivered subito.

The photo commemorates the trip to Charlemont ( Hall Tavern Farm)taken by our contractor and our son in law to collect the wide board pine for the second floor and rustic cherry
for the main floor. Our driveway was just a bit slick when they drove in. Hence the rig in the ditch! All was put to rights thanks to chain and a second pickup. The boards are lovely. Can't wait for them to be laid in place!
Brady Rose was here this morning to burn the brush pile in the lower pasture. When I arrived home this afternoon I could see a bit of smoke rising over the trees.

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