Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally Friday

Yesterday I finished up the last of the preemie 'Pumpkin Hats' that I have been knitting for my friend Michelene's attempt to get 50 hats done in time for Halloween. How adorable are they??

Next, I finished up my first pair of socks for the Mittens for Akkol project. " Mittens for Akkol" is an internet group that knits for an orphanage in Kazakhstan.. This was my first pair of sock knit from something other than fingering weight sock yarn. I used a pure merino DK and a strand of alpaca lace weight. This made for very cozy socks but they are much bulkier that what I am accustomed to knitting . It was a bit of a chore to get the sizing right and required some frogging but in the end I am very happy with how they turned out. Now to find a lovely Vermont postcard on which to write a short note to the recipient, package them up and send off to the distribution point.

On the house design front .... all is not well. Jack has known that he needed to get his Vermont license reinstated for months and apparently waited until August to reapply. Grrrrrrrr!!!! The state board meets very infrequently and they didn't approve his application at the last meeting because he hadn't provided them with definitive proof that he has no outstanding complaints against him. Syd has contacted two architects in N Bennington that were recommended to him by a friend. He is actually meeting with one of them this morning after he finished up with the appointment for Lily Rose at the vets.
We really do need to get this project underway NOW in order to be able to move into the garage apartment in June 2010.
We've heard nothing from Dale which indicates that his new excavator still hasn't been delivered. And that means that we are no nearer to having a driveway or septic system than we were three weeks ago. This will be a real exercise in patience and perserverance.