Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The fabric directly below is a gorgeous cotton damask and will be the new upholstery fabric for the camelback sofa.

The yellow/gold fabric was chosen to cover my favorite chair.


Sharp-shinned Hawk
This Sharpie is not an unfamiliar visitor to Amen Farm.   He/she breezes through a couple of times a week and often chooses to sit atop one feeder or another in wait for lunch to arrive. It never does.   I do wonder if this might be a 1st year bird that isn't yet as wile as a successful adult.

Awoke this morning to a world of white and it is still coming down.  I'm not sure whether it will amount to much but I'll take whatever comes with gratitude.

Yesterday I drove down to West Springfield to pay a visit to Osgood Textiles.  My mission was to find fabric  to reupholster my favorite chair.  Over the last several months I have made a number of trips to Osgood Textiles and have never failed to score  the perfect fabric for one piece of furniture or another.  On my first trip I found some gorgeous dusky apricot velvet with small navy motifs .......perfect for the two Susie Wiggins chairs presently lying is disrepair in the basement.  Next I  found the perfect cotton damask for the camelback sofa in our living room.  I'll attempt to take photos a bit later in the day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apparently I am  unable to download pictures from iPhoto to this blog??????  Yet another mountain to climb.  Fortunately our library will be offering a Mac Help session in February.  Perhaps I'll be able to figure this out on my own.  Stay tuned!!

Meanwhile, the weather seems much like last winter.   We had a bit of snow in late December/early January and it is ALL gone.  I 've been on my snowshoes just once.  So sad.

All for now as I'm off to pick up my sewing machine and then to West Springfield to choose some fabric for two living room chairs.