Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twice Blooming Azalea

The yellow azalea that I planted last fall bloomed shortly after planting.  Much to my surprise and delight it is in bloom in May.
This morning is a repeat of yesterday.  The ceiling is very low and the mist is rising up from the valley against a background of freshly greened mountains.  More rain is predicted for today and right through to Friday with Saturday and Sunday to be warm and sunny.  It is a very good thing that I have raised garden beds as the soil is totally saturated.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I sat down with determination and my Newcomb's field guide and went through each and every step from 'regular flower with 4 parts'; opposite leaves, wet meadow, etc.  I discovered two small patches of this sweet little flower last weekend while mowing the lower corner of our meadow.  My first attempt at identification was with my Peterson guide.  Arrrrgh  !   Finally turned to the very reliable Newcomb's!!


Several years ago I began monitoring a  pair of Peregrines nesting on Quarry Hill cliffs.  On Friday I was fortunate to be watching during a food delivery and watched the female feed at least two very youg chicks.  Because the eyrie is a shelf of sorts it is very difficult to see over the outer edge.  When the chicks are a bit larger/taller it will be easier to count heads. The picture above are is 2009 and taken from the foot of the cliff.
My lens isn't powerful enough to capture a clear picture of the bird on the snag.