Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No pictures of the storm as it was impossible to take any due to the blowing snow. Tomorrow!
The painters have been busy painting the bedrooms and in these pictures there is but one coat on the walls and ceilings and therefor a bit difficult to see the contrast between the wall and ceiling paint colors.
I really like the colors in our bedroom and the smaller front bedroom, not shown. The small back bedroom is a 'room of different color'. I adore the apricot walls but the ceiling just doesn't work so I have asked that the color be changed to Putty.
The snow started well before 4:00 this morning, in fact I looked out the window at around 4:00 and there was already significant accumulation. By the time we rolled out of bed there was at least a foot on the ground and no indication that it was letting up.

The painters arrived around 7:30 and applied a final coat to the upstairs bedroom walls and ceiling except of course the back bedroom which is waiting for the putty color to be delivered. This afternoon they primed the ceilings on the main floor and have told me that they will be applying 'color' to the ceilings tomorrow. Be still my heart !!!
Gary is sanding dry wall mud in the basement tonight. He wears a respirator but it still can't be good for him.
The second pair of mittens that I started for the two 'red head brothers' in the village has been would have been way too small. I know that I could have found someone for that pair but these kiddos need mittens NOW. I cast on for a much larger size and have spent most of the afternoon finishing up the ribbing and starting the thumb gusset. Pictures tomorrow.

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