Thursday, December 23, 2010

Progress on Several Fronts

It's been a very busy week here at Amen Farm. The house project seems to be pulling together on most fronts. The folks from HA George were here yesterday morning to finish up the pipe work from the generator to the propane line and to put the tack room on the main propane line thus removing the small temporary tank. Powers Generator will be here on Monday to 'fire up' the generator and give me instruction for it's operation. Already I can fell that 'my ponytail is way too tight'.
On Tuesday the sonic water treatment system was installed and the pressure tank was moved further into the corner of the tack room. A double bonus here....more room in the tack room and the minerals in the water will no longer turn my hair blue!!

Dave had a bit of a Christmas Party yesterday noon for all the people who have worked on this project. Apparently a fine time was had by ALL !

This morning Mike and Brian are putting siding on the front of the house IN THE SNOW. Gotta love it!

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