Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well over two feet of snow fell here over the last thirty six hours. This morning I dug my way to the bird feeder, cleared an area and scattered some millet. My next stop was the barn. Dale had been to plow this morning leaving me to clear the snow away from the barn doors and clear out around the generator. Good thing that the snow is dry else my back would be shot!

The view from the loft door was spectacular; nothing like blue sky, brilliant sunshine and fresh snow. The horses were gathered around the feeder as I threw down their morning ration of hay. It takes so little to make them happy!

This afternoon I tackled the stalls and now all is ready for tonight. Am still on the fence as to whether or not to keep them in overnight. Guess that remains to be seen.

The debate continues regarding the fireplace surround but I do think that the one below comes closest to what I envision. One thing for certain, it won't be blue! The alternatives are oiled cherry or poplar, painted the same color as the living room trim. The other conundrum that I am facing is the depth of the mantle. My instincts tell me that it should be 6.5 inches.

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