Sunday, December 19, 2010


Gary Leonard sheet rocker extraordinaire is still working full bore and the panels for the radiant heat on the first floor have been laid. Gerry has laid the tubing in the grooves in the living/dining

room area. The heavy duty vac's were in use to clear the grooves of any foreign material that might poke a hole in the tubing.

I've spent quite a bit of time choosing paint colors for the first floor. It all started a month or so ago with my friend "Pearl" and I brainstorming some colors using my Fine Paints chips. We eliminated
95% of the colors and I put the remainder in a Zip Lock for further consideration. Now that the sheet rock is up it is easy to thumb tack the chips up on the walls and stand back for a good look.

This afternoon I finalized the colors! Now on to the upstairs bedrooms and bath. I am considering using the gorgeous pale apricot that I used in the dining room at 1744 NW Hill Rd in one of the bedrooms. And, now that I think of it I really do need to check out the tiles for the upstairs bathroom as they well may dictate the paint color for the walls. Perhaps I'll run down to Lee in the morning and take my paint chips with me or better yet bring the tile board home so that I'll be able to see it 'in' the bathroom.

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