Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have you ever seen a 'furnace' like the one hanging on the wall of the utility room? I am absolutely astonished that anything so small is reputed to be a state of the art propane furnace. There have been many more pipes and valves put in place since this picture was taken last week. I think that I will be needing a serious tutorial to understand how it all works.

And here we have our Rumford fireplace complete with andirons. We were concerned that the black cast iron andirons either wouldn't fit or wouldn't be appropriate for this fireplace. We both think that they will be perfect. I wish we had some history about them. We do know that they came from Syd's family's house in Annandale, NY but where they came from before then remains a mystery. For all anyone knows they may have been in the house when they moved there.

You can sort of tell that some bit of insulation work has been done. They have been working here off and on for the last week. They were apparently held up today due to bad roads and didn't arrive until early afternoon.

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