Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's been a very long time since my last entry!! Spring has come and gone...... Poof !!! Today being the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. Let the Games begin. Because we stayed at home this spring I elected to try my hand at starting my own tomato seeds. I found a company in CA that specializes in heirloom tomato seeds and the rest is history.
Caspian Pink, Julia Child, Alaska, Crimean Rose to name a few. I'll be sure to announce my star tomato's and my flops. They all transplanted into the garden along with a handful of Epsom Salts ( gratis my father's tomato planting advice) and are growing pretty well considering the cool and wet weather.
Below is a pic of Cicero giving me a hand while weeding this afternoon.

Here we have a shot of the Green Bean TP's. They were errected today out of bamboo poles and baling twine. I have one more to construct ... tomorrow, when it isn't raining.

Here are the Sweet Peas.

And, here is a long view of the tomato plants. I am most optomistic that I'll have a bumper crop.
Knitting ------- I have picked up Tokyo which has been languishing in it's bag for well over two years. It is a fun knit and I'll be happy to have it on the 'finished' list.

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