Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new mown meadows

Finally, we are having a bit of sunshine. I couldn't resist including a picture of the Angel's Trumpet flourishing in one of my favorite pots on the deck. I have two others that are also doing well. I plan to try to overwinter them.

This break in the weather has allowed us to get some of the meadows mowed. In one of the pics you can catch a glimpse of the Kubota (orange) being put to the test in one of the most difficult to mow meadows. For years it was seriously over grazed and errosion has caused the rocks to remain while the soils washed down hill. In addition to the rocks there are a number of springs and streams to contend with. Next we'll tackle the Crosby Pasture to the south of the

house. The Bob o Links usually nest in the field and the first safe date for mowing it is July 15th.

By that date the young are safely fledged and able to fly.

Isn't the Buddleia glorious? I can't tell you how many time I've tried (unsuccessfully) to grow a Buddleia, first in Windsor, MA and then at our farm in Reading, Vermont. They would do beautifully during the summer but the following spring would find them dead as doornails.

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