Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just an Ordinary Day

This is what it looks like 0°'s this morning! Brrrr

The bird feeders are empty which means that I will be heading out in a bit to replenish our supply of sunflower chips. This year we have been through well over 300 lbs of seed.... so far and it is only February.

One of the seals on our tractor 'let go' last week while 'himself' was doing diligence in the snow removal department. Since then it has been residing in our garage with buckets beneath it to catch the transmission oil/fluid??? And a couple of bags of cat litter on the floor to absorb that which missed the buckets! I am waiting for a friend to show up with his truck and trailer to winch it onto his trailer and drive it off to the tractor repair guy in Bennington. Thank fortune for good neighbors!!!

On the knitting front. I have just started the second SixPack sock using Smooshy sock yarn in the Pansy colorway. Pictures later.

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