Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As promised, a little knitting content. Below is the progress on my Sixpack socks in Smooshy yarn ... Pansy colorway. The color isn't quite as light as it appears here. I love the yarn!!

Yesterday I drove over to the Pioneer Valley with a friend. We took Rte 2 (Mohawk Trail), the scenic route. As we passed through Charlemont we were both struck by the beauty of the dammed up ice on the Deerfield River. We made our way down Rte 91 and eventually over to Hadley where our first stop was Trader Joe's. I stocked up on nuts, dried fruit, brown rice, etc. We then headed over to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh produce and have lunch. What a wonderful supermarket !

Nexet we headed over to Webs to buy some yarn for Wendy to knit her grandson an EZ Tomten Jacket and for me to find a button for the wee baby kimono shown below. It is made from Noelle's Noodles fingering weight yarn , lovely and soft. However the colors aren't 'true'. In real life they are much softer. The perils of photography using a flash.

Here we have Brady and his brother over in the meadow where they have been trimming the old apple trees and are now burning the brush. I think that they are hoping that the trees will produce more fruit and therefore more feed for the resident deer population.

Today started out sunny but things have been heading downhill since late morning. Guess we are due for a few showers tonight and tomorrow.

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