Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally Friday

Our resident Red-tails are enjoying the sun and the view just off the end of the barn. In the second photo one hawk is about to launch!!

And here we have a column of monks traveling through the snow to heaven knows where. I noticed them while I was out doing errands yesterday afternoon .... heads down, moving along with great purpose.

The ailing tractor is no longer occupying space in the garage and that is excellent news!! We can only hope that it will be returned in excellent running condition and SOON !!!

After I finish up here and throw out more hay for the horses I'll be heading over to Brattleboro to have lunch at the Riverside with my lovely friend Ann Firestone of Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in So Acworth NH.

Our local public radio station WAMC in Albany, NY has just accomplished what I consider an amazing feat. Their fund drive started on Monday morning with a goal of $800,000.00 Goal.

It is now Friday morning and they have raised $700,000.00 minus just a few dollars!!!

All for now as I seem to be running late.

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