Saturday, April 20, 2013


Last week I went over to Elhannon Nursery to meet up with Jim Sutton for the purpose of choosing a 'significant' tree to plant in our front meadow.  As we drove down through the nursery I spotted this work of art and he stopped so that I could take a picture.  This is a large oak, Red I think, that was hand dug and hand tied by Adreus and his brothers and along with two others, one is visible in the background will be loaded onto a flat bed and driven to the Cape.  Apparently the purchaser buys several each year.   I think that his pockets must be a bit deeper than ours however as we buy only on each year.

This years tree will be another oak, White Oak to be specific.  Unfortunately I neglected to get a picture of it but will be sure to post some pics here when they deliver and plant it.

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