Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Sharp-shinned Hawk
This Sharpie is not an unfamiliar visitor to Amen Farm.   He/she breezes through a couple of times a week and often chooses to sit atop one feeder or another in wait for lunch to arrive. It never does.   I do wonder if this might be a 1st year bird that isn't yet as wile as a successful adult.

Awoke this morning to a world of white and it is still coming down.  I'm not sure whether it will amount to much but I'll take whatever comes with gratitude.

Yesterday I drove down to West Springfield to pay a visit to Osgood Textiles.  My mission was to find fabric  to reupholster my favorite chair.  Over the last several months I have made a number of trips to Osgood Textiles and have never failed to score  the perfect fabric for one piece of furniture or another.  On my first trip I found some gorgeous dusky apricot velvet with small navy motifs .......perfect for the two Susie Wiggins chairs presently lying is disrepair in the basement.  Next I  found the perfect cotton damask for the camelback sofa in our living room.  I'll attempt to take photos a bit later in the day.

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