Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Back in August we welcomed Atticus into our family.  We drove to Toronto on a Thursday, spent the night in Milton, Ontario and drove Halton Hills to Dawin Kennels to meet Atticus and bring him home.  He has grown lots since this picture was taken and is a real caution.  Last night he had his first 'puppy class' and was absolutely a mess.   All the stuff that we had practiced at home went right out the window and he became a leaping wild man.  You can see the twinkle in his eye in his picture!!!   He'll get it but it'll be a challange.

We are having some 'weather' this afternoon.  The wind has picked up and the rain is steady and due to last through the night.  The summer has been a dry one so we are appreciating this good soaking.  When transplanting perrenials over the weekend I was surprised at how dry the gardens were.  Not just a few inches of dry soil but dry a good foot down.

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