Sunday, June 3, 2012


One day last week I stopped at the South Stream Wildlife Management Area on my way home from Bennington.  It it a lovely spot where occasionally I spot an interesting bird.  On this day I noticed a bird emerging from the reeds to walk along on the lily pads.  Hmmmmm?   What could it be?  It was definitely a marsh dweller.When I got home I hauled out my National Geographic  Birds of the Northeast and went to Corne''s All About Birds.  Success!  My bird was a Sora Rail nicknamed the Marsh Walker.  Last weekend I took my camera to the WMA and took quite a few pictures of the Sora only to find that I had inadvertantly move the mode dial on my camera which insured that every single picture was out of focus.  On my next trip there my camera was properly set and I captured quite a few decent images.

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