Saturday, April 21, 2012


Here is a shot of our native American Plum tree. Sad to say I missed taking a picture when it was a it's peak. Maybe next year.

"Himself" took the truck and trailer up to Bennington this morning to collect my Kubota tractor/mower. The remainder of the day has been spent mowing in anticipation of the rains that are predicted. Just now everything is bone dry and fire danger is high.

Yesterday I dug up some Ostrich Ferns by the side of the road and transplanted them into my woodland garden. I gave then a good watering and when I checked on them this morning they were looking just fine.

I'm considering the idea of turning our south meadow into a horse pasture. It is littered with that damned Multi Flora Rose and other woody plants but perhaps I'll be able to get it under control with a summers worth of consistent mowing. Time will tell.

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