Tuesday, January 24, 2012

44 F

This has been an 'open winter' if there ever was one. Here in North Pownal, Vermont we have yet to have our driveway plowed. Granted, we did ask for it to be sanded ONCE. Yesterdays rain has left us without a trace of snow and quite a bit of mud. Even the bird feeding activity has slowed down considerably. On most days there are at least fifty Goldfinches at the feeders at any one time. Today boasts fifteen at best. We were late to have the Chickadees and Tufted Titmice find our feeders but now that they have they are constants.

The other day I took a couple of pics of some finished knitting projects. The light on the front landing wasn't great so the colors are anything but true. The purple is Starmore's Innishmore in Mulberry Bainin The teal/blue is Starmore's Fulmar in Frangipani Ocena Deep. Neither sweater had been blocked when the pictures were taken but figured that I had better take them while the spirit moved.

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