Sunday, June 5, 2011


Long time since my last post. I've been having a miserable time logging in but seem to have been successful today.

We started the 'move in' process in early April and by the middle of the month we had cleared everything out of the trailer, cleaned it, had the utilities disconnected and were waiting for Pope Housing to come here to collect it. It was a happy day when they finally showed up and drove it off down Tubs Rd.

After being in the house for a few weeks I had Connors deliver our 'stuff' from storage. Everything came back except the queen mattress and the nuts and bolts to assemble the queen bed. Apparently they were misplaced. Hard to lose a mattress. We are still waiting for it! The boxes have all been emptied and most everything has been put away. Still haven't hung any mirrors or pictures; maybe next week?

It really is hard to work inside when the weather is beautiful. I'd so much rather be outside. The tomato plants are in the garden but not looking all that great as we had a week of solid wind that beat the snot out of them. Ordered some Texas Tomato Cages on the recommendation of Margaret Roach from A Way to Garden. And, I've mulched the garden a la Ruth Stout....used the hay and straw that was around the base of the trailer. So far so good!

Today I mowed the interior of the horse pasture. So much poison ivy!! It does look nice !

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