Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Side Yard

Thank fortune that I still have internet access as the satellite remains a cropper.

Me thinks that I'll be spending the afternoon with my knitting needles as there is very little point in venturing out.

Yesterday the pantry counter top was installed and it looks gorgeous. It was made from our old dining table top. We bought the table from our dear friend Bob Daley when he was disposing of furniture following the sale of Winds or Gales in Windsor. The table top was made from an old oak ships' bulkhead. We have carried those two pieces of oak to Reading, VT, to Pownal, VT and then here to Tubs Rd in North Pownal and are delighted that they are back in use. Jeremy took them over to his shop in North Adams where they underwent a metamorphosis.... from table top to counter top! I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow.

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