Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An early November day

T'was a mighty frosty morning here on upper Tubs. I checked the thermometer when I arose and it was only 24F. Had some coffee and headed out to the barn to feed the 'hay burners'. They are always eager to see me on a cold morning, a form of flattery, I expect. I've been including some joint supplements in Nibbies and Talisman's feed. They are both a bit on the stiff side and I can only assume that age plays it's part.

Jeremy was here this morning and we looked at some floor samples that he dropped off for us. I think that we have settled on pine for the second floor but the first floor remains undecided. The roofers are due here next week !! The propane tank has arrived at H A George and I gather that the master plan is to get all the trenching and tank burial stuff done next week. Hope the weather cooperates.

Mike and Trevor put up quite a bit of siding on the back of the house today. The weather for tomorrow isn't looking good for outside work so I imagine they will be working in the basement.

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