Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Dowsing Success

At 9:30 Friday morning 'young' Mr. Gould from Gould Well Drilling, Pawlet, VT showed up with
his crew, a drilling rig and another truck filled with casings, etc. Mr. G walked over to the site with his 'witching stick' and sure enuff that stick dove right down to the ground ... not once but twice. According to Dale and Bruce he used a piece of a branch to dowse when he was there last week. The branch vibrated in his hand when he was over the sweet spot.

They set up shop in jig time and had started to drill by 10:00. I left to do a few errands and was back by about 1:30. It wasn't long before they had gone down 420 ft and had 30 gallons per minute. In fact, there is approximately 6 gallons a minute of over flow. A superfluity!! They were packed up and out of there by 3:30.

'witching' for water

Moving a stone to mark the 'sweet spot' beneath his left foot

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